talkSTEM builds the capacity of teachers, out of school educators, and parents to effectively engage and encourage students to interact with math and science concepts in their immediate environment.

To foster stronger STEM literacy and cultivate a STEM mindset, talkSTEM meets students and educators where they are by providing readily accessible ways for both groups to access high-quality enrichment activities, events, and curriculum.

Looking for classroom-based or afterschool activities and projects that are fun, educational, and standards-aligned?

Click on any of the talkSTEM Learning Suite building blocks below to learn more and to access ready-to-use worksheets and other resources.

walkSTEM Academy

Look at iconic parts of Dallas through a STEM lens

talkSTEM Teacher Bundles

Complete packages for teachers including videos, activity sheets, professional development, books and more

walkSTEM Initiative

See the math, STEM and STEAM in the world around you

talkSTEM’s 21-Day STEAM Challenge

STEAM power your children’s lives using this free, fun, and fast set of activities

STEM in the Real World

Look at nature, artworks and more through a STEM lens

talkSTEM Publications

Books and guides for PreK and up

talkSTEM YouTube Channel

Our complete library of 300+ videos, free and no advertisements

walkSTEM Explorers

Fun, virtual games leveraging our videos and children’s own creativity

* Our walkSTEM Academy and STEM in the Real World videos can be used as brief enrichments or longer explorations either virtually or in-person.

** Our video resources also include expert video blogs, panel discussions, a virtual math and science festival, Physics of Dance workshop, and other unique content.

Not sure where to get started?

The graphic below breaks down examples of how you can use different parts of the Learning Suite depending on how much time you have and your interests.

Additional Learning Suite Resources

Virtual Math & Science Festival

Virtual Math and Science Festival

Free YouTube resource created as a community collaborative project in response to at-home learning. 17+ activity videos engage all children and invite them to make connections between science, technology, engineering, art, math, and their world. Free downloadable festival passport also available here to amplify the activity.

Create Your Own walkSTEM® Program

Create Your Own walkSTEM® Program

Use photography, video, animation, etc to cultivate your STEM mindset. We invite everyone to submit their creations to join the growing community of walkSTEM participants.



#STEMLens is a bite-sized version of the Create Your Own walkSTEM Program. This activity will challenge you to focus on observation and real-world based learning. Look around you – do you recognize any STEM concepts in play? What questions do you ask? What are you curious about? Share these observations with us to grow the collection of real world STEM experiences.

Video-Based Interactive Worksheets

  1. COMING SOON- Worksheets to accompany the workshops Women in Tech, STEM in Art, and Physics of Dance.
  2. walkSTEM Guides – For those in the Dallas area, take a virtual field trip with these handy guides!

walkSTEM® Guides

walkSTEM® Guides

Take a Virtual Field Trip! Freely accessible, educator designed activity sheets complement walkSTEM activities (real or virtual) at Dallas Arts District, NorthPark Center, Fair Park, and more. Standards aligned.

Growing Lab Girls

Growing Lab Girls

This is a curricular toolkit inspired by the memoir, Lab Girl by Dr. Hope Jahren. Created in partnership with UT Southwestern Medical Center, SMU, Dallas Arboretum, and Design Connect Create. The free standards-aligned PDF includes STEM career insights, engineering design challenges, real experiments and data from Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, social media challenges, and photography and writing contests. Read about past winners here. Appropriate for grades 7 – 12.

Goodnight Dallas — walkSTEM® Edition

Goodnight Dallas — walkSTEM® Edition

A beautiful picture book for our youngest groups and their adults. Included are unique and easy to use tools to cultivate STEM exploration instincts and mindsets! Both children and their adults will have a lot of fun exploring the book and the every day environments using the tools and guidance in this book.

talkSTEM Video-Based Learning Activities

We have amazing STEM education videos on the talkSTEM YouTube Channel. You can browse over 250 videos here. We continue to create engaging worksheets that are based on the videos. Below you will see choice boards and scavenger hunts.

FREE Choice Boards

These free worksheets allow all parents and educators to easily use the learning suite without the planning! The choice boards are hyperlinked, so we highly suggest that your students access the PDF online. QR codes link to the same resources as the hyperlinks.

There are multiple versions for each grade level. See purple download links below. This is an example of 1 version of the Grades 3-5 Choice Boards. Below you will find links to multiple versions that each contain a unique batch of activities.

Grades 3-5 Choice Board VERSION A

Grades 6-8 Choice Board VERSION B

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt and see what science, technology, engineering, art and math you can find around you! We are creating new versions that will be uploaded here for your use.

The Nature Scavenger Hunt

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