talkSTEM Volunteers

As a non-profit, volunteers are vital to our continued success helping people explore the STEM in their everyday lives and see themselves as STEM people.

There are many opportunities to volunteer with talkSTEM, including:

  • Community events – Help with STEM outreach at many events, available all year round. Ideal for high school students and adults.

talkSTEM YPG President volunteering at a public outreach community event.

  • walkSTEM Initiative- The walkSTEM Initiative provides opportunities for high school students and adults to volunteer as experience docents or fellows. Learn more about the different options with the following links:
  • Education Expertise – There are opportunities for education experts to contribute and collaborate on talkSTEM curriculum projects throughout the year. talkSTEM strives to provide free, research-based, STEM content that is accessible for all educators and parents. If you are interested in donating your services to talkSTEM’s free educational resources, please email koshi@talkstem.org.

Current talkSTEM Fellows

  • Virtual Volunteering – You can volunteer your time and resources virtually, too!
    • Help share talkSTEM content on social media by following the talkSTEM social media platforms and sharing the free resources with your networks.
    • Share your STEAM mindset- You can support local youth interested in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) by sharing your STEAM mindset. We hope to grow this collection of found STEM to share with youth so that they may begin to recognize the STEM that is around them, and recognize themselves as people capable of enjoying STEM.
    • We welcome women in tech or STEM to contribute in this way. We are particularly interested in hearing from you, as it can help the most girls in their STEM journeys. talkSTEM’s mission is to develop future generations of female STEM leaders by inspiring today’s youth to adopt a STEM mindset.

Here are ways that all STEM/STEAM professionals can contribute:

1. Create Your Own walkSTEM– You can contribute to our growing collection of Create Your Own walkSTEM projects. Simply pick locations or objects in your spaces that reminds you of STEM. Share your questions and observations through short videos. Click here to get started.

2. #STEMlens – This photo project is a mini version of the Create Your Own walkSTEM program. Simply take a photo or short video of something that ponders a STEM question. Share your image or video with us on social media and include your question in the caption. Be sure to tag talkSTEM and use #STEMlens.Learn more about the photo project by clicking here.

3. Blogs – We invite you to contribute either a video or text blog to our growing collection. We would love to continue sharing diverse perspectives in the STEM world. To learn more about how to share in this way, please email koshi@talkstem.org.

Please direct questions to koshi@talkstem.org.

Every child is a STEM child, Every space is a STEM space

talkSTEM works hard to make unique and high quality STE(A)M educational content freely available to all children. We partner with such youth-serving organizations as Dallas ISD, Girls Inc, Imagine Science, and more. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to our educational programming and content creation that reaches under-resourced student populations. Please support us.

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