talkSTEM's mission is to make STEM learning engaging for all learners, particularly female and underrepresented students. Our approach centers on place-based learning so that students see the relevance of STEM in their local communities and environments. We take educators and learners on "STEM walks" in different settings using videos and we also offer instructional guides to create your own STEM walks. talkSTEM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our resources are entirely free.

We foster student engagement by including all educators who shape learning in K-12 students - both in and out of school.

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For the 2024/25 school year, talkSTEM is excited to launch new open-access resources:

  • - Teacher Dashboard
  • - For our Texas-based teachers: Math and Science TEKS-alignments for our video library including the new Science TEKS
  • - View our entire open access video library of over 250 videos by signing up on talkSTEM.org

Note: we'll have 40 videos be available and the remaining videos will only be accessible after sign up on talkSTEM.org

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Hear from STEM leaders from all walks of life who make up the STEM learning and teaching ecosystem, including teachers, musicians, athletes, business executives, chefs, designers, authors, and more.

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We use videos as an easily accessible means to inspire youth to develop their STEM mindsets, to foster place-based education, and to validate students’ funds of knowledge.

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talkSTEM works hard to make unique and high quality STE(A)M educational content freely available to all children. We partner with such youth-serving organizations as Dallas ISD, Girls Inc, Imagine Science, and more. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to our educational programming and content creation that reaches under-resourced student populations. Please support us..

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About the Founder & CEO

Dr. Koshi Dhingra has dedicated her career to STEM education and is passionate about having every child live up to their potential. Seeing a lack of girls and other underrepresented youth in STEM programs, she founded talkSTEM in 2015 to address the imbalance. She has a doctorate in science education from Teachers College, Columbia University, has years of experience teaching in graduate and undergraduate programs, and has held leadership roles in universities. She advises and collaborates with a broad range of educational institutions globally. Dr. Dhingra began her career teaching science in middle and high school in New York. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and two dogs.


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