talkSTEM is thrilled to shared our latest bundle of open-access resources, specifically tailored for preK-8 summer camps and extended learning in absolutely all geographies: Be a walkSTEM Explorer! These printouts, links to our expansive inquiry-based video library, and creative guides allow all instructors to take virtual field trips to parks and playgrounds, art museums and zoos nimbly and guidance for fun and interesting discussion is also included.

As is the case with all talkSTEM resources, we combine the energy we get from going places (virtually) with the energy you get with in-person engagement with the people all around you at your classroom or other learning site. We include support for instructors, a variety of scope and sequence options, teaching scripts, and video guidance from the teacher practitioners who collaborated with us as we developed this set of turnkey program materials. We want children to go places, to engage with their peers and teachers in rich discussion, and to ask their own questions – and we think that summer camp is the perfect time for these enriching social and energetic activities!

We are excited to partner with Dallas ISD Extended Learning Opportunities Department who will be sharing these program materials across all 69 pre k-8 school sites this summer and hope all instructors and students enjoy their explorations over the summer! We would love to also hear from other summer camps who use these free enrichment resources designed to engage all children in seeing the Math and STEM all around them in their everyday spaces as well as a great resource for quick and easy inquiry-based virtual field trips that can be taken on a daily basis. These resources require absolutely no specialized background and can be used by diverse instructors and in a wide variety of settings – from tutoring groups to all types of camps. We hope the short videos in our open access video library spark wonder, curiosity, and great questions in summer camps everywhere. To get started, simply click the button below – enjoy and please share with others!

We are grateful to talkSTEM partner site lead, Tamasha Govan, Director of Curriculum at St Philip’s School and Community Center and to talkSTEM Leadership Council member, Tamara Majors, Science and Math Coordinator in Grand Prairie ISD, TX who collaborated with talkSTEM to create instructor support materials included in the Be a walkSTEM Explorer program materials. Thanks to their expertise and their contributions, the Be a walkSTEM Explorer program resources are turnkey and ready to be used with teacher leader-designed supports built in. Watch the zoom conversation between Tamara, Tamasha, and Koshi, talkSTEM founder and CEO to gain additional insights from these tremendous educators. These videos are included in the Materials linked above as well.

Still from Zoom conversation

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Dr. Koshi Dhingra has dedicated her career to STEM education and is passionate about having every child live up to their potential. Seeing a lack of girls and other underrepresented youth in STEM programs, she founded talkSTEM in 2015 to address the imbalance. She has a doctorate in science education from Teachers College, Columbia University, has years of experience teaching in graduate and undergraduate programs, and has held leadership roles in universities. She advises and collaborates with a broad range of educational institutions globally. Dr. Dhingra began her career teaching science in middle and high school in New York. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and two dogs.


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