We’re happy to present our latest addition to the talkSTEM curated video collections, this time focused on showcasing diverse STEM careers. Featuring conferences, talks, and activities, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy browsing the collection’s content, available here on the talkSTEM YouTube channel. Teachers and other educators, 2 of these collections come with freely downloadable supplementary student activity guides. We hope you and your students enjoy watching and discussing! The playlists in this collection include:

  • Science in the City 2020: Art, Medicine, and Potato Chips
    • Meet four women who work with math and science in innovative ways: by writing novels, thinking up new snack foods, leading schools, and fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. After an interactive discussion, girls will participate in a design challenge and take a virtual walk through Dallas’s Arts District, where they will practice finding math in everyday life by observing nature, architecture and the city around them. Age range: Aimed at middle-school girls and their caregivers.
    • Includes 5 short videos
  • Women in Tech
    • The “Women in Tech” panel was held on April, 2019 and hosted by University of Dallas at Texas in partnership with Communities Foundation of Texas and talkSTEM. The audience comprised of UTDallas students, alumni, faculty as well as middle school girls from schools who had been invited to attend, together with their teachers.
    • Includes 10 videos: – a 6min intro by the moderator (edited) – a 30min panel discussion – 10min: Questions from students in the audience. Most of these videos focus on specific questions such as: What is a STEM mindset, what classroom experiences would you have liked as a student, what did you do outside of school that helped in your career path, etc?
    • talkSTEM Supplementary Activity Guides are available for this playlist: https://talkstem.org/talkstem-activity-guides/ ( to view, select Women in Tech under location).
  • STEM in the Arts
    • This panel was held on Pi Day (March 14, 2019), at AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas. Meet four unique individual who work in highly regarded institutions in the Dallas Arts District. They will share how opera, dance, acoustics, art conservation, museum curation, and more all connect with STEM. This panel was moderated by Sam Baker, KERA’s Senior Editor and Morning Edition host.
    • Includes 3 videos, and you can watch the full panel discussion through the 40 minute video.
    • talkSTEM Supplementary Activity Guides are available for this playlist: https://talkstem.org/talkstem-activity-guides/ ( to view, select STEM in the Arts under location).

To view the full list of our current featured Video Collections, click here, or download and share the PDF guide here.

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Dr. Koshi Dhingra has dedicated her career to STEM education and is passionate about having every child live up to their potential. Seeing a lack of girls and other underrepresented youth in STEM programs, she founded talkSTEM in 2015 to address the imbalance. She has a doctorate in science education from Teachers College, Columbia University, has years of experience teaching in graduate and undergraduate programs, and has held leadership roles in universities. She advises and collaborates with a broad range of educational institutions globally. Dr. Dhingra began her career teaching science in middle and high school in New York. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and two dogs.


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