Reflecting Pool – Outside, on the outer wall of the Food gallery and visible from Outdoors (Environment)
Bread – Tucked within the I-beam support column in the Food gallery
Toy House – Nestled against the base of one of the marble columns in the Art gallery
Pen – Resting on the Art gallery bench
Grackle – Perched on the top of the Outside (Animals) wall, visible from the bench

We hope that all K-12 educators, after school educators, homeschooling groups, and families will enjoy the Her STEMlens exhibition experience, powered by Comerica Bank. Remember that the artworks featured in the exhibition will change each month from our launch date of February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, to May 31. So you can enjoy the images, videos, and STEM moments multiple times within this window! The exhibition is made up of contributions by girls and women and we know that both girls and boys will enjoy viewing the exhibition. The content is equally relatable to all genders and our goal is to, first, demonstrate girls’ and women’s STEM mindsets at work in real world settings. Contributors to the exhibition range from elementary aged children to accomplished women in STEM-integrated careers. Second, our goal is to empower all girls and women to be inspired by the contributors and share their own #HerSTEMlens images on social media. Boys can use the #STEMlens to share. Our team will be reposting and celebrating all contributions and selecting from #HerSTEMlens images and videos to populate the March, April, and May exhibitions. We are excited to see what you see, no matter where you are! We are grateful to our community partners, Chick Tech, National Girls Collaborative Project, Million Women Mentors, Maier Math Foundation, and Nepris.

Make sure to check out the attached documents to further engage your children after they view the exhibition. We have included a Her STEMlens Student Activity Sheet, a Her STEMlens Gallery Guide, and a Her STEMlens Quest. Our goal is to foster STEM mindsets and identity amongst all girls and women as well as to enjoy the STEM mindsets of girls and women whose images, videos, and questions are featured in the exhibition. Additionally, we know that each visitor will interact differently with the exhibits and hope to hear the thoughts and questions sparked in the minds of boys, girls, men, and women who view the exhibits.

We also want to hear from you. Do you have any ideas on how to further engage students who view the Her STEMlens exhibition? Share your ideas in the comments below!

We hope that lots of women and girls will continue to share #herSTEMlens photos / videos on social media. Maybe you will see your contributions on the walls of the exhibition!

Share and Enjoy !


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