Did you know that certain mindful practices, like meditation, can actually boost creativity? Creativity goes beyond the arts and is integral in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as well. Creativity also helps us solve problems and adapt to novel situations in our everyday lives! In the videos below, Dr. Koshi Dhingra, Founder and CEO of talkSTEM, and Dorsey Standish, founder of Mastermind Meditate, walk through engaging STEM activities that require nothing but a creative and questioning mind. Watch to learn how you can promote mindful creativity during these STEM activities!

In part one, Dorsey Standish, founder of Mastermind Meditate, shares her background in both STEM and deep mindfulness practice. She also discusses the science behind the practice of mindfulness as a tool for creativity in STEM thinking.

In part 2, Dorsey leads a short mindfulness exercise intended to boost creativity and awareness. This exercise is a wonderful way to clear your mind after a stressful day, or even to do first thing in the morning to start your day in a calm, creative mood. Incorporating these kinds of mindfulness practices into your lessons may help your students be more receptive to learning and encourage more creative solutions to problems they encounter!

In this final video, Dorsey and Dr. Dhingra lead observational mindfulness exercises that can be used to promote STEM thinking in students. These exercises can be easily integrated with talkSTEM resources such as the educational videos on our YouTube Channel and walkSTEM locations in the real world.

We hope that you will incorporate these mindfulness strategies into your STEM learning and teaching! If you find them helpful, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out at info@talkstem.org.

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