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For the best viewing experience, click the icon to toggle full screen mode. For tips on how to move through the exhibit using the WASD keys and cursor, click the icon. Additional information about a given piece will be presented in a pop-up window when the piece in question is clicked. To open a simplified floorplan in the lower left of your screen, click the map icon. To hear or mute the audio associated with a video exhibit piece, click and drag to adjust the volume bar within its pop-up information window. If any exhibit pieces fail to load due to poor internet connection, we recommend refreshing your webpage.

For a list of this month’s exhibit pieces and contributors, click here

Educators, we have a full set of free, downloadable Her STEMlens resources for you – available here

Enjoy, and be sure to leave your thoughts or questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page – We’d love to hear from you!

Images in the #herSTEMlens virtual exhibition will be refreshed on a monthly basis, arranged into the gallery sections displayed at left. Submit questions, thoughts, and STEM moments of your own on social media using #herSTEMlens for a chance to be displayed in the gallery! And make sure to follow talkSTEM on social media here to receive notifications about exhibition updates and other news.

For more information on the #STEMlens movement as a whole, and how to get involved, click here.

Let’s share what we see, marvel at our questions about the mundane and the magical, and above all, let’s remember that every space is a STEM space and every girl is a STEM girl. 

To participate in the #herSTEMlens virtual exhibition, we invite you to do one of the following:

  1. Encourage girls to post their own #herSTEMlens by
    • Capturing a personalized photo of how you see the world around you that inspires you to think about STEM
    • Adding a question or idea that other girls and women can share and discussPosting your #herSTEMlens on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook.  Don’t forget to tag us so we can see your contribution, repost, and also include in the curated virtual exhibition.
  2. Or, simply share the included image to help spread the word! 
    • Make sure to link your post to this page or add it to your Linktree for Instagram.
    • Here’s a Tweetable message you can include:

During the entire month of February, @talkingSTEM will be kicking off its #herSTEMlens photo and video exhibition campaign to encourage her to share what she sees, and above all, remember that every space is a STEM space and every girl is a STEM girl. 

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Ekta Vashdev Kishnani (Geetu)- mother, daughter, sister, friend – who lost her life to Covid in February 2021. She represents women everywhere, who serve as anchors and guiding lights to their families, communities, and the world. It is because of women like Ekta that this exhibition is possible. 

Share and Enjoy !

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  • Anagha Gouru says:

    I had so much fun exploring the #herSTEMlens Virtual Exhibition! I was amazed by the wide variety of STEAM concepts in our everyday lives both in Dallas and all over the world. The interactivity of the virtual exhibit made it very exciting – when watching the videos and viewing the gallery, I felt like I was in a real museum!

  • The word “WOW” was made for exactly this kind of creativity! This is really NEAT and BEAUTIFUL. I love to see an exploration of STEM done in such a terrifically imaginative way. Making STEM accessible and fun! I just wanted to keep on going… even outside the museum! This is fabulous on a whole new level.

  • The #herSTEMlens Virtual Exhibition is another amazing channel for explore STE(A)M. What a great vision, Dr. Dhingra!

  • Maya Leibman says:

    Wow – this is so much fun! And challenging. I looked at every question and thought “Hmm… how would I solve that?” Thanks for activating my brain. I wish every aspiring STEM’er could see this and be as inspired as I was. Looking forward to seeing next months! In the meantime, I will always wonder why toffee doesn’t break in straight lines…:-)

  • The #herSTEMlens exhibition campaign is a fantastic way to help get our young women excited about STEM! During a time where many students feel like their learning is becoming more and more mundane and solitary, this exhibition helps students feel connected to their learning in a more personal way and to one another.

  • Wonderful, innovative and super fun way to highlight STEM! I just wanted to keep on exploring, even outside! I love this and hope you develop more!

  • Sejal Desai says:

    Does the pursuit of an art form have anything to do with STEM? As a young dancer growing up in India pursuing business studies, I never considered myself a student of STEM. In fact far from it. Until later, when I realized that participation in dance programs helps students – including those in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines – develop skills such as creativity and persistence that benefited them in the classroom and beyond.
    The arts provide a structure for fostering inclusion and nurturing persistence, among other things.

  • Eric Walters says:

    The #herSTEMlens Virtual Exhibition is awesome! Such a unique way to bring STEM education and STEM learning to the general public. Congrats to Koshi and her team for re-imaging learning.

  • What an incredibly creative and fun way to explore STEM and providing a space for girls to see themselves in that field. This gallery serves as an open invitation to explore and learn!

  • The #herSTEMlens Virtual Exhibition is such a unique and interesting experience. Looking forward to revisiting next month!

  • Berta Fogerson says:

    Fun, interactive site! Great resources for educators and an engaging platform to get students to see the relevance of STEAM in their daily lives. Wonderful opportunity to showcase and promote girls/women working on STEAM related projects. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Angela Calabrese Barton says:

    The #herSTEMlens exhibit gives powerful witness to the wide range of science expertise and wisdom that young women have in their everyday lives, families and communities. I also appreciated how these photo/video stories humanize what science is and can be!

  • Leanne Ketterlin Geller says:

    Thank you for putting together the #herSTEMlens virtual exhibition. This is a great collection of photos and videos that help bring STEM to life in the world around us. It also represents an important space for women and girls to come together to share their STEM lenses.

  • Koshi Dhingra and her amazing team have done it again taking talkSTEM to new places with the STEMlens virtual exhibitions. These interactive STEM experiences allow students to see the world around them in new ways and engage in science, technology, engineering, and math activities that are engaging and entertaining….be sure to check them out and enjoy discovering the world of STEM!

  • Olga Romero says:

    What an amazing and engaging experience for all STEM enthusiasts and educators. Thank you for building an interactive platform where STEM is viewed through others’ POV. A great concept that we must establish more in our schools.

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